final relay, final day one scores and a final request

Please refrain from sending more hate mail… but both relays are under protest… and therefore I doubt that final scores will be up and available anytime soon.

It is going to be a long night for me.

If this was a football game… I’d be punting.

But realize that all of the snarky emails to me implying that it is in someway my fault — are not fair… and such actions and implications are not helping anything.

I’m doing the best I can with the results that I’m getting in – but I’m only one person… and I’m at the mercy of several entities. I gave out my email so that people could interact with me – but the verbal assaults from parents are unfortunate. And the sheer malice that some of you are displaying would be a huge embarrassment to your children, if I were to disclose what you said.

So I ask that you be respectful. I am on site to blog the results… not to run the scoring system… or fix things that are broken… or save the world from eternal peril… or get coffee.

We’ve had issues… but realize that no other conference is even providing this service for their student-athletes and families. Be mindful. And most importantly, be respectful. That is all I ask.



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200y FREE RELAY -- Pre | Final
500y FREE -- Pre | Final
200y IM -- Pre | Final
50y FREE -- Pre | Final
1m DIVING -- Pre | Final
400y MEDLEY RELAY -- Pre | Final
200y MEDLEY RELAY -- Pre | Final
1000y FREE -- Timed Final
400y IM -- Pre | Final
100y FLY -- Pre | Final
200y FREE -- Pre | Final
100y BREAST -- Pre | Final
100y BACK -- Pre | Final
3m DIVING -- Pre | Final
800y FREE RELAY -- Timed Final
1650y FREE -- Final
200y BACK -- Pre | Final
100y FREE -- Pre | Final
200y BREAST -- Pre | Final
200y FLY -- Pre | Final
400y FREE RELAY -- Timed Final

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