a new day…

See that, the sun actually did rise this morning. Probably will tomorrow too. And the subsequent days after.

So pop on some Journey. “Open Arms” perhaps. Belt it out… get the happy vibes going… and all will be well.

Quick update — I’ve finished off the team scores page and we should be better at the results today. But have patience. If knowing the score the moment it happens is so important to you… Long Island is lovely this time of year… easily accessible by boat, train, car or plane… and we have plenty of seating at the venue. Come on up!

Day 2 ought to be fun. We’ll be more efficient today, but that Internet that some of you probably created is failing (incidentally, where can I send my hate mail to?)… so it may take some time again.

Time for a shower and then I’m off to the pool deck. Peace and love Ivies, peace and love. 😉


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