a passing of the torch as aemisegger breaks 400 im mark


Perhaps this was the reason that Alicia Aemisegger was not in the 1000. 

It had perplexed me a bit as to why she was not in the previous race. Defending champion. Record holder. The whole nine… 

Then I remembered that Aemisegger had been focusing on the 400IM more and more as of late.  Not to mention that I happened to catch wind that a certain former Ivy League legend and Olympic champion from Columbia would be presenting the award for a 400 IM – a race that she had been the meet record holder in since 1997 (and lowered the standard no less than five times)…

[Note the past tense.]

That is because Cristina Teuscher no longer holds that record. Aemisegger does.

It wasn’t out of the question that Alicia could take the record away from Teuscher (she had already posted the fastest time in Ivy history during a race in 2007). The question was whether she could do it on the big stage, with the former NCAA champion as an eyewitness.

And into the pool she went. And split after split after split, Aemisegger was in striking range of the record. The crowd could sense it. If there was ever a moment that looked as though Alicia was fading, she masked it well. She was right there heading into the final discipline.

Scoreboard watching commenced. Teuscher the biggest culprit. You could see it in her eyes and in that infectious smile. She wanted it just as badly as the rest of the crowd. She wanted it for Alicia. 

So shortly after the Princeton junior touched the wall at 4:06.15, the very Columbia legend that she removed from the record books was there to greet her. Award in hand. Might as well have been a torch.

Quite the moment, indeed.



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