harvard emerges in 200 free relay; disqualifications abound

In a race that saw five teams (including the top-2 finishers) disqualified and fireworks throughout… Harvard emerged from the pack to claim a huge win in team competition.

And it’s only the first race!

The quartet of Katherine Pickard, Ali Slack, Laura Murray and Katy Hinkle originally thought that it had touched the wall in third place. But within seconds, the disqualifications came in. Some were timing false starts, others were official calls, but all disqualifications nonetheless. And five of them in total.

Princeton and Columbia, separated by .01 for first and second place could only watch has the results came down the pike. Vital points in the team competition erased from memory. The same peril fell upon Cornell, Dartmouth and Penn.

And the points drifted away. That is not to take anything away from the strong swims that Harvard, Yale and Brown had in the event, but it means that the other five schools will have some decided adversity to overcome. A year ago, Yale absorbed a relay disqualification and rebounded into fourth place (only losing out on third place due to a final day comeback from Columbia).

The Crimson finished the race in a respectable 1:32.90. But, the real championship has just begun. This is going to get really juicy and good.


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200y FREE RELAY -- Pre | Final
500y FREE -- Pre | Final
200y IM -- Pre | Final
50y FREE -- Pre | Final
1m DIVING -- Pre | Final
400y MEDLEY RELAY -- Pre | Final
200y MEDLEY RELAY -- Pre | Final
1000y FREE -- Timed Final
400y IM -- Pre | Final
100y FLY -- Pre | Final
200y FREE -- Pre | Final
100y BREAST -- Pre | Final
100y BACK -- Pre | Final
3m DIVING -- Pre | Final
800y FREE RELAY -- Timed Final
1650y FREE -- Final
200y BACK -- Pre | Final
100y FREE -- Pre | Final
200y BREAST -- Pre | Final
200y FLY -- Pre | Final
400y FREE RELAY -- Timed Final

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