Although the following is not the most ideal way to get scores, you can find the individual times for the Ivy League Women’s Championship through the operations website sanctioned for the Nassau County Aquatic Center — Be Smartt, Inc.

In order to find the results, head to the “Meet Information” tab on the left side. Click that link and then locate the 2009 February tab that has Feb. 26-28 Women’s Ivies. It will open up to the Meet Page for the event… which will have live results.

As always, I will be live blogging the events… and leaning heavily on this information. Additionally, I will create .pdfs of the results as they happen (to save you the trouble of continually jumping back and forth from this site to Be Smartt, Inc.


women’s program

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race recaps

200y FREE RELAY -- Pre | Final
500y FREE -- Pre | Final
200y IM -- Pre | Final
50y FREE -- Pre | Final
1m DIVING -- Pre | Final
400y MEDLEY RELAY -- Pre | Final
200y MEDLEY RELAY -- Pre | Final
1000y FREE -- Timed Final
400y IM -- Pre | Final
100y FLY -- Pre | Final
200y FREE -- Pre | Final
100y BREAST -- Pre | Final
100y BACK -- Pre | Final
3m DIVING -- Pre | Final
800y FREE RELAY -- Timed Final
1650y FREE -- Final
200y BACK -- Pre | Final
100y FREE -- Pre | Final
200y BREAST -- Pre | Final
200y FLY -- Pre | Final
400y FREE RELAY -- Timed Final

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